1. The time at which something is most powerful or successful.

  2. (Astronomy) the point in the sky or celestial sphere directly above an observer.

O.Z. was born in the notebook of a young man who realized that his friends around him were too talented for the world not to see. He wanted to find a way to be able to showcase that incredible talent while also promoting a lifestyle of creative freedom and artistic empowerment. Today over a decade later, O.Z. is just that. It’s a platform designed to produce, promote, and empower artists of all shapes, sizes, and creeds. We are a content platform. A space where we can all go to be exactly who we are.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger and healthier way to build community.

O.Z. currently hosts three podcast and two digital artists with plans to soon expand to novels and graphic novels and even musical artists. Hop Heroes is a podcast about comic book culture, craft beers, and trolling jokes. Sleep Easy is a deep dive into Hip Hop culture, poetry and lyricism, Techtonic Shifts is a technology podcast attempting to unpack the intricacies of the cutting edge. O.Z. wouldn’t go without the creative community behind all these amazing projects and we’re always looking for the next amazing project we can help bring to life! O.Z. is truly a family that works to support each others dreams. If you have an idea or a project reach out! Join the family.