The Vision: Little Worst Than A Man - Smirnoff Ice

This week on Hop Heroes, we read the latest story arc for one of Marvel's most underrated Avengers, Vision. "The Vision: Little Worst Than A Man" is the first volume of a 12 issue series and this graphic novel took our Heroes by surprised. With none of the guys being so called "Vision-Heads", there were very little expectations for this book, but old time friend and fan of the show, Nic Espinosa, helped shed some light and recommended this highly reviewed mini-series. After Secret Wars (event in Marvel Comics), Vision wanted to settle down and create a family. In doing so, Vision learns that life in the suburbs can be way more complex then theories, algorithms, and results. So tune in, watch Jordin get "iced", JR explains the origins of Vision, and Zach gets into his fear of AI and future technology.

Zach Barlow