Tokyo Ghost - Sapporo (Part 1)

This week, our Heroes begin Vinny's favorite mini-series "Tokyo Ghost". In this episode, the gang breaks down the first volume (The Atomic Garden) covering issues #1-#5. Written by crowd favorite, Rick Remender, with art done by Sean Murphy and Matt Hollingsworth on the colors. Set in a nano-tech filled dystopia of 2089. Lovers and fighters, Debbie Decay & (Teddy) Led Dent are mercenaries called Constables for a overpowered tech company, Flak. With one last job to finish, Debbie is thinking towards a brighter future for herself and her man but that requires leaving the tech-addicted Isles of Los Angeles and finding the last tech-less country on Earth: The Garden Nation of Tokyo. So tune in and crack open some cold Japanese beer with us!

Zach Barlow