Your Heroes

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Jordin Ereth

Every generation has an individual amongst them that has a destiny…a destiny for greatness. This individual will elevate themselves to become the leader of their people, and guide them to the promise land. This generation’s individual has already arrived, and his name is Ryan Gosling. But that’s not who we are here to talk about, we are here to discuss Jordin Ereth. Hailing from Milton, WA - Jordin hosts a podcast called Hop Heroes, in which he and his fellow pals indulge themselves with fine craft beer and comic book stories. Jordin’s critically acclaimed (by his mother) insight into the comic book universe comes to you fresh off the mic weekly, and as the episodes go on – his buzz follows. He tends to be more critical than most, but like any strapping lad with a tough and chiseled exterior - he also has a sensitive side. He will argue to the depths the reasons Gambit is the greatest mutant of the X-Men, or how Spider-Man would defeat Batman in a battle (with ease). He will also describe, in detail, his illogical affection towards Josh Hartnett whenever he can slip it into a narrative. Now while these may seem like opinions to you, they are mere facts to Jordin. Of course, his fellow hosts Zach and JR don’t see the world this way...and that has come to create a dialogue for the ages. Let the fireworks begin!.


Zach Barlow aka “the Heart and the Hype”

Proudly known as the “Heart and the Hype” Zach has a knack for being able to look through the surface of stories and identify deeper societal implications the narratives may hold. He also get’s pretty excited, about a lot of things, kind of often. Hailing from Seattle, WA Zach tries to strike a balance of rugged good looks, biceps ripping through his shirt, and the straightest lines on a beard you’ve ever seen. His sweet soft sultry voice is known to have the ability to slowly turn down the lights in any room he speaks in, even if the lights didn’t have those levels before he entered.

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With an inherited passion of art stemming from my family, my creative drive began. It was then pushed further with the abilities I naturally acquired when I picked up a paint brush, and of course, my love of comic books. Now, because of hard work, problem solving, dedication, and pushing past the talent to grow myself more, it’s become my purpose. Create, evolve, and always move forward.