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I love basketball, video games, movies, acting, traveling, anime, comics, hip hop, good conversation, art, pop culture, music, and looking fresh AF. When I say I love these things that means Iā€™m heavily invested in these topics. And it means I put a lot of time into it appreciating them. Overall I think about a lot of stuff and I like connecting with people who share some of these interests I listed. F with me

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Hip hop music connoisseur, adventure photography enthusiast, extraordinary gentleman, and virtuoso troll. You can find me listening to a vinyl with a glass of scotch on the rocks and contemplating the state of music as a whole.

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Zach has a true love affair with the written word. Writing poetry as a kid slowly morphed into involvement in rap groups through his rowdier years, into a decently successful foray into the rock world as the lead singer/rapper of a band that at one point won Battle Seattle, and toured the country. Still known to dabble in music from time to time Zach brings an intense focus on poetry and story telling into his Hip-Hop commentary.